Hello world!! (again)

Submitted by admin on Fri, 05/06/2016 - 17:16

And well... this is a new a begining, a new blog (for third time) and as a good program test start with a "Hello World". The idea of this blog, is have a space to experiment making web stuff and publish how I am doing it. Long time ago I discovered that write about what you do is the best way to not forget it, and I think is time to start to publish about what I do, which helps me to have a better style and can be useful for someone else.

Besides the above, even though Drupal Gardens was useful to me a good amount of time to publish content, I think it is necessary to have a publishing platform created my way which may be improved gradually. As an example this blog, Drupal 8, nginx, PHP 7 FPM, MariaDB, a stack I have been experimenting, but never I have used it before in a "real" use case with all of this pieces together. One of my firsts articles will be how I set up thios blog and the benefits of use this configuration, the most immediate I see is low resource consumption and consequently save money.

We keep reading each other, in the next articles I will publish on programming, Drupal development, infrastructure, and web technologies in general.